SmallWall SVN

This is the subversion server for SmallWall. It also hosts the last m0n0wall SVN so that people can see the project history and learn from it. I was worried when it disappeared for a while... Currently, anonymous read access in enabled, and it is personally hosted. I have been given legal advice that to protect my trademark, I should have everyone agree to a Contributor License Agreement before allowing access... But I have conflicting advice that the following disclaimer should suffice.


  • By clicking on the links below, I agree that the trademarked name "SmallWall" and the SmallWall logo is the sole property of Lee Sharp, and I agree to abide by the licensing restrictions of that trademark.
  • Furthermore, I agree not to use the trademarked name "SmallWall" or logo on any derivative work, or pass off my own work as part of the SmallWall project.


To browse earlier versions, append "?p=" to the end of the line. For example to see my version with the tmp files still in place... (Oops!)
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